What is GET?

GET is SDSUcard’s mobile application/Website which offers students the convenience to:

  1. Upload Photos – You can upload a photo and government id photo used to verify you. Must be done using GET mobile app, you can view this YouTube Video for instructions.
  2. Report card lost – You can report your card lost to temporarily disable SDSU Funds™ transactions and dorm access. Report the card found to re-enable these features.
  3. Deposit funds – You can add money* to your SDSU Funds™ account with a valid debit or credit card. You can also request money from a parent, guardian, or other relative.
  4. Check balance – You can check the current balance and recent transaction history of your SDSU Funds™ account. SDSUcard Office employees are not authorized to provide this balance over the phone or via e-mail.

*Unlike ATM/debit card, cash withdrawals from your SDSU Funds™ account are not allowed. To inquire about a refund of the balance in your SDSU Funds™ account, Please call or visit our office.