Lost or Stolen Card

Follow these steps if you lost your SDSUcard:

Report card lost on GET (click on "I Lost My Card")
  • Visit the Card Office to receive a replacement card. Our hours are M-F 9am-3:30p.m. We are located in SSW on the 2nd floor. Office 2536. You will be billed $25 on your mySDSU account for each replacement. 
  • Old cards are permanently deactivated and can not be reactivated once a replacement has been printed.
  • Visit  the card office to get replacement card.
  • No Appointment is necessary
  • Obtain an ID Memorandum from your Human Resources department.
  • Visit the card office to replace your card.

Access the GET application, Click on "SDSU Card Replacement Request" (Under SDSU Quick Links) to request replacement card. A charge will be placed on your account for each replacement.

Visit the SDSUcard Office to obtain a replacement. A charge will be placed on your account for each replacement.

SDSU Funds™ Program card is non-transferable, and must be presented to campus authorities upon demand. If lost or mutilated a replacement cost will be charged. If found, drop in any mailbox. Fraudulent use will result in disciplinary action. Return postage guaranteed by SDSU. SDSUcard Office, Student Services West Room 2536 (SSW-2536), CA 92182-7850.

  • Customer Service 619-594-6800.
  • U.S. Bank Customers, for 24-hour customer service or to report a lost or stolen SDSUcard call: 1-800-USBANKS (872-2657)