Balance, Fees, Funds, Refunds

Your first ID card is $25 and all replacement cards are an additional $25 each.


The charge for your ID fee of $25 will appear in the students' my.SDSU account within a month (approximately) of being printed.

Some common reasons include: Insufficient balances, billing address/zip code not matching credit card/debit information. Too many failed attempts (5).

Close out GET account settings and re-enter with correct information. 

There could be several reasons why funds may not be added to an account such as incorrect account information provided, insufficient funds available, wrong billing zip code. You may see the amount pending for a 24 hour period as an attempt to add are being made. After it is finalized as not possible, you may see the amount 

Please contact the card office to request a refund. [email protected] Please include your RED ID number and reason for refund.

Contact the Card Office to request account closure and request of final balance to be mailed to you. We can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Please contact our office for further information.

If you  have tried multiple times in a 24 hour period, you may get locked out of the system. If urgent, you may load funds at the bookstore or any Campus market or use the link to add funds as a guest.  Wait 24 hours before attempting to load funds to your account. Review your account and delete existing card information and re-enter it. .Ensure your payment card information corresponds to the information of the address that the credit card bill is going to

Parents/relatives,friends can use the GET website to add funds to their student’s account.  REDID number and first and last name only needed.

Check that your name you are entering matches what you is on your school record. Use the same email addres you used to register your account.

Yes, reimbursements can be requested from dining services (Education Bldg. Room 112), by email at [email protected]

You may have registered with a non-SDSU email address. Try using your personal email address.  You may be entering your SDSUID number instead of  entering your RED ID number. 

If you first attended SDSU in Fall 2022 or earlier, your RedID begins with an 8, If you first attended SDSUid after Fall 2022, your RedID begins with a 1

We recommend students use their student email address provided by the university

Use whichever name is on your student record with the registrar’s office- use the same spelling

On GET, there is a reset/forgot password link you can use to reset your password. Be sure to enter in the email address that was used  at time of registering your account on GET